Fat Transfer

Fat TransferFat transfers are also referred to as Lipofilling and Liposhifting. The technique involves harvesting fat from one area of the body for injection into an other area. Fat can be transferred to almost any area of the body. The most common area treated is the face. Hollowness of the cheeks and temples can be treated and the upper cheek fat pad can be increased to give a more youthful look.

How is the fat transfer performed?
The area from which the fat is extracted is referred to as the donor area and the area into which the fat is injected is called the target area.

  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic.
  • The skin over the donor area is cleansed with antiseptic
  • Local anaesthetic is infused into the donor area.
  • The fat is harvested into syringes and cleansed to remove impurities
  • The fat may be either stored or used immediately in the target area

The fat harvesting procedure may be performed as part of a Liposculpture, in which case, the fat transfer to the target area will be deferred to an other day.

  • Local anaesthetic is injected into the target area.
  • The skin over the target area is cleased with antiseptic
  • The harvested fat is carefully injected into the target area in very small amounts.
  • Unused fat can be stored for later use.

Only small amounts of fat can be injected into the target area on any one occasion. If excessive fat is injected it will not survive and the correction achieved will be lost.

Follow up appointments will be scheduled at six week intervals to inject any stored fat into the target area. This is done to address any unevenness and any loss of correction.

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Fat Transfer

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