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Face LiftFacelift surgery is the ultimate in facial rejuvenation.  Unlike lasers, topical treatments or injectable fillers, facelift procedures actually reposition the deeper structures of the face.  By tightening these structures the skin of the face appears smoother along with the jaw-line, cheeks, jowls, and most importantly the neck.  At Indulge Cosmetic Medicine, we perform minimally invasive facelift surgery with shorter scars and rapid recovery healing.  This state-of-the-art method provides patients with natural results that are safe, long lasting and produce the finest scars.

How do I know if a Facelift/Short-scar Facelift is right for me?

Ageing of the face is inevitable, and with time the skin of the face and neck loosen. Sun exposure, gravity, and genetics all contribute to facial skin changes.  Fine lines become wrinkles, and gradually deeper folds.  The jaw line softens into jowls, and beneath the chin excess skin starts to sag.  If you are concerned about ageing facial skin with excess neck skin laxity and a poorly defined jaw-line than a facelift  could improve your looks. Several variations of surgeries are available and you need to know how it is performed and what to expect.  No matter what the plan, the goals are always the same; to produce natural, not over-pulled skin, with long lasting results.  If you are wondering how facial rejuvenation surgery can improve your appearance, you need to know how this procedure is performed and what you can expect.

Facelift Procedure
Incisions are camouflaged around the ear with precise placement and planning.  During surgery, the deeper tissues of the face are repositioned and tightened.  This allows for removal of excess skin without tension, reducing a pulled or ‘overdone’ look.  Liposuction is often performed and sometimes a small incision is required under the chin to tighten the muscles of the neck.  The procedure lasts several hours and is performed with sedation anaesthesia at an accredited out-patient surgical facility.  Not infrequently a facelift is combined with eyelid surgery or browlift surgery to provide complete facial rejuvenation.

Common Facelift Questions:

  1. How visible are the scars and will I be able to wear my hair up after surgery?
    The facelift is designed to produce the finest incisions with the least amount of scarring.  Carefully planned around the natural creases of the ear it does not continue back into the hairline, letting you wear your hair back without having to be self conscious about revealing scars.
  2. Why do so many people have an over-pulled look after facelift surgery?
    As with any plastic surgical procedure, it is the skill and judgement of the surgeon that is the most critical of all elements.  Our doctors strive for natural results that produce the finest scars with long lasting results.
  3. Realistically, how soon can I be seen in public?
    Most patients are out in public around one week after surgery.  Depending on your own body’s ability to bruise or swell many of our patients elect to wear our specifically designed camouflage make-up starting at five days after surgery.
  4. What is the best age to have a facelift?
    This is a difficult question and varies from patient to patient.  Some patients are facelift candidates in their late forties while others do better in their fifties and sixties.
  5. Are there options for men and if so is the surgery any different?
    Male facelift surgery is different than female.  The incisions are placed differently so as not to adjust the sideburns or bearded hair.  Men also do better with lower-facelifts and tend to look better when not over pulled.  During your consultation  the different options will be reviewed at length so that you have the most natural result with the least obvious scars.
  6. What is a mini-lift?
    Some patients do not require a full-facelift.  Mini-facelifts are typically performed in younger patients or for patients who already had surgery and just want a tuck-up procedure.  Typically the incision is smaller and the recovery is less intense than a full-facelift.
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Face Lift

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