Breast Reduction

Pendulous breasts are common in two primary groups of women: 14-20 year-olds and women who have undergone childbirth or experienced weight gain. The operation is designed to reduce the bulk of the breast tissue and to move the nipple and areola upward to the position it was in before the breast became excessively large and/or pendulous, or to the “ideal” position. Breast reduction surgery usually involves both lifting and reducing the size of the breasts. The amount of size, or volume, reduction varies greatly. The selection of an appropriate surgical technique for any specific patient depends on a number of individual factors including breast size, shape, skin thickness, laxity of the breasts and composition of the breast tissue.

There are many breast reduction techniques; in fact, breast reduction is probably among the plastic surgery procedures with the greatest number of possible approaches. In most instances, a very pleasing result can be obtained by selecting any of several methods.

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. After the procedure, some patients may need to stay overnight. A simple bandage is applied following surgery and a smaller sized bra will need to be worn for three weeks. The sutures, if not absorbable, are removed at intervals beginning about seven days after the surgery. The last sutures are usually removed two to three weeks later.

The cost for a breast reduction will vary depending on the severity of your case and techniques used for surgery. Contact us for a free consultation.

Who is a candidate for a breast reduction?
Anyone who feels their breasts are too large or heavy for their body is a candidate for a breast reduction. Of course they have to also be healthy enough to undergo the surgery and mature enough to decide that this is right for them.

What are some of the benefits of getting a breast reduction?
A breast reduction can reduce neck, back, shoulder, and breast pain. It can reduce rashes that can occur under pendulous breasts; it can alleviate grooving from bra straps; it can make a woman feel more proportionate and wear a greater variety of clothing and lingerie. But the most significant differences are issues such as improved self-esteem, not feeling that people are staring at their breasts, an increased ability to exercise and play sports, and overall feeling lighter and more spry.

Will a breast reduction lift my breasts?
A breast reduction includes a breast lift. Skin is removed and tightened – that takes care of the lift. Tissue is removed on the inside, and that takes care of the reduction.

Will my nipple be removed?
NO. NEVER. Everyone thinks that this will happen, and it does not. Skin around the nipple is removed and tightened, but the nipple always remains attached to the breast. Purely out of historical interest, there was an operation years ago for extremely massive breasts that involved removal of the nipple, but that is not done today.

How much smaller will my breasts be after a breast reduction?
You and your surgeon will discuss how much smaller you want to be. But understand that the actual footprint of the breast on the chest – where the breast starts towards the center and where it ends to the side – can be changed little in most situations. Given that, there is an ideal breast volume that will create the most aesthetic breast. In an attempt to go too small, the breast can look wide and flat; if it is left too big for the width, the breast will of course still look too big. Patients are usually satisfied with the volume removed, but at other times they wish that more could be removed. Even so, most of these patients are still satisfied that for whatever lack of reduction they had.

Will my breasts have a natural and pretty shape after a breast reduction?
Reduction patients never look fake like an augmentation patient might. In other words, an excessively perky and round breast isn’t possible, even if that were to be your goal. The shape is almost always significantly better than before the reduction. Other than the scars, the breasts will look and feel totally natural – because they are.

Are the results of a breast reduction permanent?
The tissue that is removed is gone. Remaining breast tissue can fluctuate with hormones, fat in the breast can fluctuate with weight, and droopiness can start to increase just due to gravity. But by and large most of the result of a breast reduction is permanent, though like all breasts, they will of course change over time.

Can I get regular mammograms after a breast reduction?
Mammograms can be done after breast reduction and they are just as effective as if the reduction had not been done. In fact, if the breasts were very large and pendulous the mammogram can be even better.

How soon can I go to work?
When you will feel ready to do your job is highly individualized. So long as your work doesn’t involve straining and heavy lifting, you can expect to be back to work after five or six days. Some people go back even sooner, and many work from home the next day.

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Breast Reduction

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